Kindergarten Admissions

Registration fee: $125

Materials/Technology fee: $250 (includes all class materials, textbooks, workbooks, supplies, etc.)

Monday – Friday (8:30am – 3:00pm) $189/week

Kinder + Before care (6:30am – 3:00pm) $205/week

Kinder + After care (8:30am – 6:00pm) $222/week

Kinder + Before and After school care (6:30am – 6:00pm) $235/week

For questions about admissions, please contact Brittany Youngquist.


Kindergarten is offered Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 3:00pm. We also offer limited before and/or after school care. The cost is $175/week. We recognize that this is longer than a standard day of kindergarten at many of our public schools, but it is commonplace to offer this length of day for kindergarten in a private or charter school setting. We see value in extracurriculars as we continue to recognize the importance of fostering the whole child! Math, science, social studies, literacy and language are pillars of education in the kinder program – but with an extended day, we’re also able to place an emphasis on music and movement, creative arts, spiritual development and computer skills. It is also our desire to continue to offer learning opportunities through a hands-on approach, which often requires more time than a worksheet would. We utilize some wonderful curriculum - Superkids for ELA, Singapore Math (aligns with common core), Studies Weekly, Go Noodle and Purposeful Design spiritual curriculum . Our kindergarten class is capped at 24 students with 2 fully-qualified educators – Mrs. Claudio and Mrs. O.

Parent Reviews

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  • Cassandra B

    Canyon Lake Community Church Kindergarten has been a safe and nurturing space for my son to grow, at the hands of his incredibly loving and patient teachers. I'd be putting it lightly if I were to say that I was impressed with the curriculum and the teachers' ability to meet each student where they're at and gently walk with them to excel academically and socially. As a parent, it is important for me to feel like my voice is heard when communicating with my children's educators and his teachers have done just that. With the pandemic causing a distance for parental involvement, their teachers went above and beyond to connect with the parents and let us in on as much as they possibly could throughout the entire year. My son has made deep friendships and you can tell by his laughter about the day's events that their classroom is full of joy! - Cassandra B.

  • Noyemi S.

    Words cannot express how grateful our family has been for the kindergarten program here at Canyon Lake Community Church/Preschool. Due to covid and the uncertainty of our child's education we feel so blessed to have found an in-person kinder program. Kindergarten being such a special year we simply did not want our child missing out on essential learning and making special memories. The preschool director Mrs. Brittany Youngquist was so welcoming, kind and so helpful. Our child's teachers, Mrs.0 and Mrs. Claudio have been such a blessing to our child in every way. They have always been patient, ready to engage and teach so lovingly. Our little girl came in as non- reader and is now a avid reader. In addition, our child has made such sweet friends and created beautiful memories to look back on. We will definitely miss everyone! I would highly recommend this school for anyone looking for quality education, awesome teachers and loving environment. – Noyemi S

  • Jen J.

    We could not be happier with the kindergarten program. Mrs. Claudio and Mrs. O and all of the staff at the school are top notch. Abigail has not only learned so much educationally (how to read, long math, science, etc.) but she has also learned how to be a kind person. All while having so much fun every day. I am saddened because COVID took away so many of the extra activities that we loved in the preschool program. I can only imagine how much more fun the kindergarten kids will have next year. – Jen J.

  • Rachel W.

    Mrs. Claudio and Mrs. O are both so great with our son. They communicate well with us about their plans and our son's progress. Im just so thankful for the experience our son has had in kindergarten. He is reading and loving it! He is practicing math and loves science. Truly a blessing and looking forward to our youngest having a similar experience in a couple of years. – Rachel W.

  • Jamie S.

    We started at CLCCP when my son was 4 and he did his first 2 years of preschool there. The amount he learned not only about the basics, but about God, made him stand out from other children. He was so advanced, respectful, and has been an amazing student ever since. It was a no brainer that when my daughter started preschool she would go there. It was prayers answered for us when they opened the kindergarten. My daughter is thriving. She is reading, writing, and is learning everything she needs to

    know for 1st grade and more. Words cannot express how much we love CLCCP and their new kindergarten program. We all adore Mrs. Claudio and Mrs. O. This school has been a blessing for my kids and our family. – Jamie S.

  • Eric & Jamie J.

    My husband Eric and I prayed and prayed that Olivia (our oldest daughter) would be able to be a part of Canyon Lake Community Church preschool's first Kinder class because she had a great few years prior in the preschool department and we just love how the staff and administrators are so personal and love our kids like their own! So, we were overjoyed when we found out there was going to be Kinder and especially during 2020 Covid! From the first day of school and everyday since, my daughter literally gets up joyfully, gets dressed and is begging to go to school. We weren't sure how everyday from 830 to 3pm

    was going to be for her since she never went to school every day prior. But she LOVES it and has made so many friends and just adores her two teachers, Mrs. Claudio and Mrs. O. The thorough communication from these two dynamic teachers is so personal and exceptional...sharing weekly lesson plans, providing a SeeSaw app for us parents where they share pictures and videos of all the engaging centers, experiments, lessons, kid-focused engaging activities they do with our kids in their school day. Not to mention, prompt response to email regarding questions us parents may have. They give us a monthly calendars which are so helpful and they continually update us through multiple avenues of communication. The rigor of the curriculum is fantastic! My daughter has loved the Superkids reading program which also has an at home computer program feature where she can do so many engaging activities, spelling practice, reading games and electronically read the books as well. She didn't go into Kinder reading, but has been reading for months now and just loves it! The reading and writing activities that my daughter comes home sharing is so engaging and fun they don't even realize how much they are learning and growing academically! My daughters' favorite subject is math and she said she loves how Mrs. O teaches her ways to do math easily. The lessons are engaging, kinesthetic and Mrs. O gives them great creative tools to help them remember the concepts. The practice homework was something she couldn't wait to do and there's an app called Khan Kids Academy that both of my girls enjoy doing to strengthen their math skills here at home! The breadth of subjects taught is second to none! Because the kids get to be there for a full day its amazing how much time they get for exploration and kinesthetically learning by doing! Most half day programs don't allow for the time to be able to do this. Some of my daughter's favorite activities includes incredible STEM experiments (ex: building a bridge with toothpicks and marshmallows), directed drawing art lessons that she just loves and has really sparked an art interest for her, Social Studies lessons that have taught her so much about our country, leaders, presidents, and so much more! And what has been really special for her and for us parents is the prayer time she gets to have with her teachers and lessons learning about God!

    But more than all of these listed above, the strong social/emotional attention taught, modeled and given to our daughter has been exceptional! From day one, Olivia has felt loved and cared for in such a personal way by both Mrs. Claudio and Mrs. O! They love these kids like their own and it is so obvious in how they treat them with respect, care and integrity! And its something they have a high standard for the kids to treat one another with as well. And we all know that 5 and 6 year olds need time to practice these social lessons, so its wonderful how these awesome ladies take the time to help them work things out with one another; helping the students communicate in a positive, but truthful manner, and focus on working together as a united community similar to a family. They have a behavior system that has worked so well for my daughter as it allows each child to focus on individual behavior and work together as a table/group to earn points which is a great life lesson in and of itself. I cannot speak highly enough of how safe, loved and cared for my daughter has always felt here at CLCCP! We are forever grateful for this incredible Kindergarten year and don't know how it can ever be topped! And our love and admiration for all that Mrs. Claudio and Mrs. O and the administration have poured into this program and our kids is endless. So, if you have the opportunity to attend this incredibly special place, we couldn't recommend it highly enough! Very grateful parents, Eric & Jami J.