Our Mission

The simple version:
We are on mission with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe it is our purpose to make lifelong, die-hard disciples of Jesus Christ. 

The official version (with bigger words):
Canyon Lake Community Church’s mission is to be a
multi-generational, synergistic ministry; connecting with our communities and welcoming them to relate to Jesus Christ and His family. 

Striving for this, we value:

  • Engaging worship options
  • Compassionate, holistic care
  • Building life-giving relationships
  • Trusted, affirmed leaders
  • Synergistic team-work

It is our vision to see Canyon Lake Community Church become a loving family, growing as followers of Jesus who seek to creatively communicate and intentionally incarnate the unchanging message of God to an ever-changing culture.

What We believe

To put it simply, there are a few things you should know about us:

  1. We believe the Bible, God's Word, is central to all we teach and do.
  2. We love Jesus! We express this each Sunday as we engage in worship together.
  3. We are a multi-generational church and we believe families matter to God, so they matter to us.
  4. We believe that we are better together and we model that through team leadership.
  5. We are on "Mission with the Gospel." In our neighborhoods, across town or around the world, we are part of God's mission in this world.

If you would like to read our entire statement of faith, click here