One of the most exciting outreach opportunities - specifically involving the Worship Arts team at CLCC - is our annual Christmas Dessert Theater.
Yes, on the outside it is a high-quality, musical stage production, but it's impact goes much deeper. CDT provides us the privilege of telling a story
of redemption and the message of the Gospel in a way that many can identify with and begin to understand on a personal level.
And what better time to share that story than during the Christmas season?

For the Cast and Crew it's all the fun, work and camaraderie of musical theater with the added benefit of knowing that God will use the message of this story in an eternal way in the lives of those who attend. 

For our Guests, they get to enjoy a well-done, Broadway-style musical theater presentation and their choice of incredible Christmas desserts. But more than that, it is a non-threatening way to be introduced to Canyon Lake Community Church and the message of biblical redemption - the true meaning of Christmas.

For our Church this is primarily a great opportunity to invite our family and friends to an incredible event and begin a comfortable spiritual conversation with them over some tasty desserts - a wonderful way at Christmas to continue to be on mission with the Gospel. CDT also provides our church an opportunity to serve. An undertaking of this magnitude requires over 200 people to volunteer - as part of the cast, crew, construction crew, costumes, food prep, wait staff, parking lot attendants, etc. There is a place for everyone to participate!

Schedule your audition HERE

Interested in being apart of Christmas Dessert Theater this year?! Whether you have theater experience or not, there is a place for you! Auditions will be held on September 20th from 4:30-7:00pm. Once registered, Chris Hiigel will contact you to set up an audition time.

  • AUdition Form

    Please complete this audition form prior to your audition. Print copies will be available at the audition if needed.



    Check out all the details and how to prepare for your audition.


  • CAst List

    For a description of the cast of characters and roles required, download the Cast List.


  • Musical Scene synopsis

    Download the Musical Scene Synopsis to get an idea of the flow of the story.


  • Tentative rehearsal schedule

    This tentative rehearsal schedule will give you an idea of how many rehearsals would be required of certain roles and characters. The dates and times are tentative at this point, and will be final once the show has been cast and rehearsals have been confirmed with the actors.


  • Sample audio / video files

    Use this link to view the publisher's sample performance of "A Christmas Legacy."